Families are also asking us what products we use for our pets. We want to make sure we are feeding and using the best products available, becuase they deserve it! We are super excited to share with you about Life's Abundance. We were using expensive brands that touted great things, but still, one of our labs began to develop an allergy causing her lots of skin issues and ear infections. After a few vet visits, we were still left treating the symptons and not the problem. We heard about Life's Abundance products through a good friend of ours who uses it with all of her labradors. We researched each food product to see where the food or product is made, what goes into it, and the benefits from using it. We have been blown away! 

Key Words we were looking for were all throughout their ingredients - high quality proteins, antioxidants, probiotics, Omega-3s, B-vitamins, etc. AND all of their products are FREE of corn and wheat glutens, artificial colors and flavors! REAL FOODS only! 

So what happened? Her ears cleared up, skin and coat look so much better, and 2 bonuses - she sheds less and her stool is firm and there is less of it! 

Because of the high quality nutrients used in this food, you actually feed less than you do of your other food. For example: an 80 lb. labrador with a 40 lb. bag of food will take two months to go through the bag. 

We loved the results from the food, so we knew the other products were worth trying! We switched all the dogs over to the Life's Abundance All Life Stages food and using the Wellness Food Supplement! Moms also get Skin & Coat Formula Supplement to help with the nutrients puppies are taking out. Puppies are started on the Pork & Venison Grain Free Recipe canned food at 3 weeks of age. We have been more than pleased with the pet care products such as shampoo, soothing mist and even a Bio-deodorizer and cleaner! Finally, products made with ingredients that are safe for our pets! We signed up on autoship, so we never have to worry about running out and it's shipped right to our door! 


Please take time to read through the information about the products offered through Life's Abundance. Contact us today for a free Wellness Assessment for your pup to see what the best options are for your situation. Even if you are satisfied with your current products, we like you to try Life's Abundance and see what you think! We have not been disappointed! 


Yalanda Merrell

Arkansas Silver Labs



Life's Abundance 

Independent Field Representative 

Duck Dog


Son of Duke

of Arkansas Silver Labs


"But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

Romans 5:8

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