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November 5, 2018

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Puppy: An investment not a purchase

November 8, 2017


If you are searching for a new addition to the family or maybe you have exhausted google trying to find the perfect one, maybe this will help. People call us all the time looking for a puppy with certain characteristics, colors, markings, and of course cost. We thought it might be helpful to have a few tips when looking at purchasing a new puppy. 


1. Size - Puppies are super cute! They are tiny and adorable and you can't wait to bring them home. But they get bigger. When looking at a breed of dog, make sure to take into account what size they will be when they are full grown. You should be asking your breeder about the sizing of the parents and what they predict out of this dog as well. Labrador retrievers are great indoor pets, but make sure you have plenty of space for them to run around. Whether it's taking them to the park, to the deer woods or the duck blind, they love to be by your side and to run!


2. Pedigree - Every dog has a family tree, just like we do. You can tell a lot about a dog based on their pedigree. If you want a dog that will be great in a hunt or show, check out the pedigree to see about the pup's parents and grandparents. For example: Duke, our Champagne Male, has titles on both sides of his parents. He's a beautiful boy no doubt, but he's also super smart, and easily trained. We also see from his pedigree the quality of dog that we have and feel safe and confident as he produces future litters. Speaking of which, he does have a litter due soon!


3. Cost - I hate to say it, but cost is definitely something you should be looking at. While I'm a breeder, I'm also a consumer. I want a good deal just as much as anybody else. When considering the cost, look at what the breeder offers. Is your puppy microchipped? Do they use a vet for all of their puppy check ups, shots, microchipping and claw removal? What are they feeding the puppy? Do they use any vitamins or supplements? What genetic testing have they had done on the parents? All of this can show for the the quality of the pet you are getting for that cost. 


4. Genetic Testing -  This is super important. Dogs can suffer from genetic disease just like people can. A reputable breeder should be doing everything to make sure their dogs are of good quality based on high standards and testing. For example, all of our puppies are cleared for the following genetic defects: CNM (centronuclear myopathy), PRCD (progressive rod cone dystrophy), DM (degenerative myelopathy), RD/OSD (Retinal Dysplasia/OculoSkeletal Dysplasia), EIC (exercise induced collapse), and Cystinuria (Genetic Kidney Defect). Our dogs have also had their hips and elbows tested for dysplasia and have great reports. Because of our confidence with our dogs, we offer a 2 year health guaranteed against any of those defects. 

5. Family - I saved this one for last because I really feel it's a major part about bringing home a new pup. Whatever your situation is, make sure your family (including other pets) are on board with a new member. Of course this is your decision, but get the kids in on the process whether it's picking out a name, a new collar, or the puppy itself. It's a lot of fun and a great way to bond as a family. Here's one of the boys from a sweet family from Stuttgart helping to pick out their new puppy. As you bring home your puppy and work on commands, that's a great way to get your kids involved as well. It sets an example for them as you train your puppy. Proverbs 6:20 "My son, keep your father's command and do not forsake your mother's teaching." 


If you have any questions about picking out a new puppy or want to know more about upcoming litters, email us at or feel free to call 870-897-0093.


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