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November 5, 2018

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Picture Perfect

December 27, 2017


I love to hear from people how much they like our website or tell us how good a picture is of a puppy. Because I will be the first to tell you... it ain't easy! Taking a picture of a puppy is a lot of work! Obviously, they do what they want. We start taking individual pictures of the pups at 3 weeks old and it's up and down, and roll this way and that way (me, not the puppies!) By the end of the photo shoot, I've got dirt all over me, twigs in my hair, and of course, I'm covered in poop. It's not for the faint of heart. 

When you look at a blog post it usually offers some type of help or tip! Not this one. I can honestly say that if you are looking for a sure fire way to get a great picture of a puppy, you just try taking pictures of 11 of them! 

Ok, I've had a good laugh. I do have a few tips of getting a good picture of your new pup.


1. They get tired after awhile. Just get them out and play with them for awhile and you'll notice their eyes drooping a bit. They will get tired of chasing you back and forth and they will stop for a


brief second for you to snap a shot! There is an added benefit to letting them play before you start taking pictures - it allows them to run around and then get out any poop they may need to! 


2. Use props to slow them down. I've used bumpers, bones, deer horns, rope they can tug on, water bottles, baseballs, even treats! 


3. If you want more of a portrait of the pup, rather than a full body shot, use a basket, crate or something you can put them down in. You might get a few seconds where they are still. 


4. Always be ready. The worst part is when you get the puppy sitting perfectly and all of sudden you realize your camera has turned off. Sigh... 


5. Last but not least, the best pictures are when you capture your children loving on them. Utilize your resources, even your children! 


If you have any tips to offer on taking the perfect puppy picture, feel free to email us at! We love to hear and see your pics!


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