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Puppy Power!

November 5, 2018

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Variations of Color

July 11, 2018

Color is definitely all about preference when it comes to choosing a puppy for your family. The first time I spotted a silver lab, I couldn't believe the color I was seeing! It was a beautiful dog! Then, I saw the charcoal, and I loved it too! The way the color of those puppy blue eyes contrasts with their coat color is beautiful. As they grow and those eyes become more of a hazel color, you could stare at them for hours! 

When we picked up Duke from the airport, it was our first time to lay eyes on a champagne. And he was adorable! We fell in love with that light, fluffy coat of his and now, he and my husband are inseparable. 


This past year, we got two girls with heavy English lines and hunt and show titles, Faith and Natalee. Our goal as a breeder is to make sure we are producing high-quality dogs with intelligence, good coats, desirable personalities and size. When working with labs with the dilute gene, it's important to incorporate standards into your lines. This produces an overall better coat. Duke has a lot of English in him and a thick coat, so we were really excited about pairing him with our two new girls. 

June 26, Faith's litter was born - 5 beautiful yellow/light cream/and champagne puppies. Immediately, we knew this was a special litter. With lots of champion show and hunt titles in both of the parents' backgrounds, this is the most impressive litter we've ever had. You can tell these pups are going to be thick like dad and carry that English body style. We are so impressed with this litter, we are keeping the first pick girl. Now to pick out a name for her...

I love searching the scriptures and seeing how God uses color to describe His majesty. He used the rainbow to show His promises for us. He used the color red to describe our sin and the color white to show His righteousness and purity. I love the descriptions of heaven as you see the streets of gold, and the various layers of the foundation. Amazing! 

The color of yellow in scripture describes fire, representing the presence of God. In the book of Hebrews, fire is used for God's refining process in our lives. Taking out the bad and leaving only the good. The Joy. Isn't that what we truly desire? To be refined God to be used for His perfect Joy and Glory? 


Perhaps we will name her Joy.



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